Case against Zeeland mother who is suspected of abuse has come to a halt | NOW

The lawyer of the Zeeland woman who is suspected of having her two young daughters abused for years, challenged the court on Wednesday. The defense thinks that the judges are biased because the investigation wishes have been rejected.

Tanja D. was to hear the sentence on Wednesday, but because a challenge chamber now has to consider the request, the substantive treatment cannot continue for the time being. The next session is not planned until 5 January.

D. became unwell at an earlier session on Friday. Ambulance personnel saw no reason to take her to the hospital, and no indications had been found by doctors that would indicate that the mother would not be able to attend Wednesday.

Attorney Susan Koster wanted to have the camera images of the unwellness in the detention center at the court and also asked for a second opinion from an independent expert. These requests were not honored by the court, because according to the judges there was no reason to do so. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) also opposed this because, according to the public prosecutor, this has no relationship with the handling of the abuse case.

However, Koster sees bias in the rejection and that is why she challenged the judges. She did not appear at the hearing on Wednesday and client D. did not show up either.

Previously a six-year requirement and a hospital order

The OM previously argued that D. and her friend Pascal P. from Aardenburg worked closely together in the ten-year abuse of the woman’s daughters.

From previously read text messages, the image emerges that mother D. did not want P. to leave her for another woman. She told him that he is lucky with what she allows for her daughters. She also actively contributed to seeking out new victims, as long as they were not adult women.

Mother D. also suggested in a text message that they could put the drugs – D. and P. drugged the children with sleeping pills and GHB – into the “energy”. “She’ll drink that,” said D.

On Monday, six years in prison and TBS with forced nursing was demanded against the friend of the woman. He is also said to have had the eldest daughter, who is now a young adult, abused by possibly hundreds of other men in a parking lot and in swingers clubs. The study failed to identify these men.


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