Carbon monoxide at party in Arnhem bunker: ‘Could have been killed’ | NOW

At the illegal party in a bunker on the outskirts of Arnhem, people could have died during the turn of the year if the police had not intervened in time. Mayor Ahmed Marcouch said this on Friday Gelderland broadcaster. The fire brigade informed the mayor that carbon monoxide was present at the party location.

“It was a life-threatening situation,” Marcouch concludes. “The police intervened in time. Otherwise there would have been deaths among the revelers.”

Seventy people were partying in the bunker on Koningsweg in Arnhem. “People from the Netherlands, but also Belgium and France”, says Marcouch.

Four police officers were injured early Friday morning in ending the illegal party after being pelted with stones. Two of them had to go to hospital for treatment. “Things are going reasonably well with the police officers. The impact is great. For the officers themselves, but certainly also for the families,” said the Arnhem mayor.

According to Marcouch, the bunker was closed. This normally serves as a storage place.


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