Car thief lectures mother for finding child in car stolen by him | NOW

A thief who found a toddler in a car he had stolen in Oregon on Saturday has driven back to lecture the child’s mother. The thief was angry because the mother left the child alone in the car to run errands, news agency reports AP. He also threatened to call the police.

The mother wanted to quickly go to the supermarket, which was a few meters from the vehicle. She decided to leave the keys in the ignition and not lock the doors while the engine kept running.

A few minutes after the woman entered the supermarket, the man stole the car. He quickly drove back when he realized there was a toddler in the back seat. He then drove back to confront the mother about her behavior.

According to the car thief, it was very irresponsible for the mother to leave her child alone in the car. He then gave her the opportunity to get the child out of the car, after which he drove off again with the stolen vehicle. According to a local police spokesperson, the mother did nothing wrong because she could also keep an eye on her child from the store.

Officers found the stolen car a few hours later. There is no trace of the thief.


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