Cabinet makes agreements about patient distribution to keep care open | NOW

The National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS) will be given more powers to properly regulate the distribution of corona patients. This is to ensure that healthcare remains available to everyone. The cabinet and the LCPS agreed on this on Friday, Minister Tamara van Ark for Medical Care announced after the conversation.

The LCPS will report a week in advance how many corona patients can expect from certain hospitals. The spread will be based on the number of infections, according to Van Ark. Hospitals can thus better prepare for the arrival of corona patients.

“It is squeaking and creaking in healthcare, because healthcare workers are sick or in quarantine,” says the minister, who also sees that several hospitals “are postponing all kinds of regular care.”

According to Van Ark, the new agreements should ensure that “patients in all regions in the Netherlands have access to the same care, of the same quality”. The measures also support care providers, who can continue to provide care in a responsible manner.

The agreements have been made between the cabinet, the LCPS and the Federation of Medical Specialists. In addition, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), healthcare providers and healthcare insurers will help with its implementation.

Corona patients occupy more than 10 percent of the beds

Due to the increasing number of corona patients, several hospitals had out of necessity scaled down regular care. Corona patients have been relocated among themselves for some time, because many corona patients are hospitalized, especially in the west of the Netherlands. The first corona patients were transferred to Germany on Friday.

At present, more than 10 percent of Dutch hospital beds are occupied by corona patients. In intensive care (ic), this even concerns almost half of the available beds. More than two thousand corona patients are now treated in the hospital.


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