Cabinet insists on relocation, wants to renovate Binnenhof in one go | NOW

The cabinet is sticking to the plan to completely renovate the Binnenhof in one go. Phased renovation in which the House of Representatives would not move takes much more time and money, says State Secretary Raymond Knops (Internal Affairs).

The board of the House of Representatives, headed by chairman Khadija Arib, and the Central Government Real Estate Agency, which is carrying out the renovation on behalf of Knops, have been facing each other since the summer.

Arib does not think that the House should be rushed. According to her, the project can be carried out in phases. The Central Government Real Estate Agency is sticking to the original plan to renovate the complex in one go.

Last month, a study by BBC Construction Management, commissioned by the House of Representatives, showed that step-by-step renovation is 90 million euros cheaper than a large-scale renovation.

Another report reports more expensive renovation

However, another report, also commissioned by the Lower House, indicates that the renovation will cost 36 percent more in this way and will probably take twelve years.

According to Knops, not all aspects were taken into account in the BBC Construction Management study. That research focuses primarily on a phased renovation of only the building of the House of Representatives.

The consequences for the other three users of the Binnenhof (the Senate, the Council of State and the Ministry of General Affairs) were not included in the study. Also, the costs incurred so far for temporary accommodation would not have been included.

‘No reason to revise political assignment’

“With this in mind, the cabinet sees no reason to review the 2016 political assignment,” Knops writes in a letter to Parliament. At the time, it was agreed that the renovation would take place in one go for an amount of 475 million over a period of 5.5 years.

The old Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been renovated for 160 million to provide temporary accommodation for the House of Representatives. Next Thursday, the House of Representatives will debate the renovation.


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