British county to close highways to Dover to freight traffic | NOW

The British county of Kent closed the highways to the port city of Dover on Monday to block freight traffic that wants to go to the European Union. With the road closures, the local authorities want to prevent chaos caused by long traffic jams with trucks.

Kent is preparing the former Manston airport to temporarily accommodate the trucks. There, 4,000 trucks can be parked. On Monday, the British government is considering possible measures that are necessary to guarantee the supply of food and corona vaccines.

France will ban all traffic from the United Kingdom on Monday and Tuesday. France, like many other EU countries, including the Netherlands, wants to prevent more people with the mutated British corona variant coming to Europe.

On Sunday, the Dutch cabinet also announced a ban. The measure applies up to and including 1 January. Travelers from the United Kingdom can no longer reach the Netherlands by train and ferry either. Cargo flights are still allowed in the Netherlands.

For the time being, cases of the variant have mainly been identified in the United Kingdom. The Netherlands has one established case, but the actual number may be higher.


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