Bridge disaster in Italian Genoa was caused by overdue maintenance | NOW

The collapse of the suspension bridge in Genoa, Italy, which caused dozens of deaths in 2018, was caused by a combination of factors, including overdue maintenance. This is evident from a report by technical advisers to the public prosecutor of Italy on Monday.

In 2019, Italy’s public prosecutor announced that some parts of the collapsed bridge had not been maintained for 25 years. Research now shows that this overdue maintenance was one of the causes of the disaster.

From the 467-page report, which has been viewed by news agency Reuters, shows that there were shortcomings in the design of the bridge and its implementation.

The technical advisers call it “surprising” how few inspections had been carried out since 1993 on two pillars on which the bridge was built. From the moment the bridge was erected, nothing was done about wear and tear, the report states.

The crucial motorway bridge on the west side of the center of Genoa largely collapsed during severe weather on August 14, 2018. 43 people were killed.

Since the bridge disaster, the role that Autostrade per I’Italia, the operator of the motorway, played in this is mainly being examined.


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