Brexit negotiators miss European Parliament deadline, on Monday | NOW

Negotiations on a trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom failed again on Sunday. The European Parliament had set a deadline for Monday 0.00 am, so that the agreement could be approved before the turn of the year. A breakthrough in the difficult consultations failed to materialize on Sunday, so they decided to continue on Monday.

The committee will meet on Monday morning to discuss the situation and think about what to do next, MEP David McAllister reports. “We just learned that there will be no agreement today. As a result, the European Parliament will not have the opportunity to approve an agreement this year.”

The European Parliament had set midnight as the finish line on Sunday, but that will not be achieved. Because parliament’s consent is required for an agreement, this deadline seemed more serious than previous ones, which were exceeded as often as stated. In recent days, it has been increasingly suggested that an agreement could also provisionally enter into force on 1 January and only subsequently be presented to parliament.

If the EU and the UK do not agree, trade and traffic between them will be subject to controls, levies and red tape from the turn of the year. The British have already left the EU at the beginning of this year, but are still following EU rules until 1 January.


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