Brexit deal almost complete, according to sources, possibly Thursday press conference | NOW

The negotiations on the Brexit deal, which according to sources is almost complete, continued into the late hours from Wednesday to Thursday. British media, including the BBC, report that the European Commission is expected to issue a statement on Thursday morning. The British government in turn will hold a press conference that morning.

The European Union and the UK government are currently “working on the details” of a possible trade deal, a European official said. According to him, no agreement has been reached yet. As the day progressed on Wednesday, it became clear that negotiators from the European Union and the United Kingdom are close to agreeing on their trade relationship after January 1.

Negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom have been difficult for months, but seem to have gone more smoothly in recent days. The big points of contention are mainly which competition rules of the European internal market remain in force for the British and fishing rights.

A trade agreement must prevent trade tariffs from arising after 1 January. From that date, goods traffic from both sides of the North Sea and the Channel will have to deal with customs formalities, regardless of whether an agreement is reached or not.


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