Boas may enforce curfew from Monday | NOW

Special investigating officers (boas) may maintain the curfew from Monday, confirms Dutch BOA Bond chairman Ruud Kuin on Saturday after reporting from Heart of the Netherlands. In recent days, the union has urged the Ministry of Justice and Security to give boas that power.

“It seemed that boas would be deployed on the street after 9 pm, but they would not be given the authority to enforce. That would be a hassle, because that is not clear to the boas themselves, nor to civilians. So it is very good that they are now being given that authority, “says Kuin.

The authority to enforce has been formally agreed. Local arrangements must be made in consultation with the triangle on how and where the boas are used. Municipalities may decide themselves whether or not to maintain boas.

Kuin expects that the boas will be used a lot. “In addition, it is important that there is cooperation with the police and that proper agreements are made, for example that the police can assist quickly if necessary.”

The curfew starts on Saturday and is in effect between 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM. Anyone who does not have a valid reason to go outside during that period must stay at home.


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