‘Bilthoven School sends all students home after corona outbreak’ | NOW

A school in Bilthoven has sent all thirteen hundred students home after at least eight of them tested positive on Thursday, says rector of De Werkplaats against RTV Utrecht.

Rector Jeroen Croes could not yet tell the local broadcaster how many students in total have tested positive. But the eight new cases do give a “picture of how fast things are going”, Croes told the local broadcaster.

All thirteen hundred students are now at home. The lessons will be given online for one more day on Friday, after which the autumn break begins. The school hopes that the children can be physically present again afterwards, writes RTV Utrecht.

A spokesperson for the VO council tells NU.nl that so far the sending of children home has been incidental. According to him, there is not yet a trend or a wave.

On Thursday, the St. Boniface College in Utrecht also sent classes 5 and 6 VWO home, after the number of infections there rose sharply.

Earlier this week, the Pius X College in Bladel closed its doors after some 48 students and 13 employees tested positive for the virus. The school has 2,265 students and more than 300 employees.

Slob: If necessary, all schools will close

Until now, schools only close if the GGD advises this after an outbreak or if the schools themselves decide to do so. But a national closure is also possible in extreme cases, said Minister Arie Slob (Education) on Thursday.

Slob says everyone is fully committed to keeping the schools open. At the moment there is no reason to deviate from the current line, the minister says. He emphasizes that earlier this year 2.5 million children were at home.

If everyone at school adheres to the measures, such as washing their hands, keeping their distance and staying at home in the event of complaints, the education sector can maintain this, he says.


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