Biden starts immediately: back in climate treaty and masking duty | NOW

Joe Biden signed fifteen presidential decrees on Wednesday in the first hours of his term as president of the United States, including on climate and immigration. This has reversed several controversial policies that were introduced under his predecessor Donald Trump.

One of the decrees that Biden signed ensures that the United States returns to the Paris climate agreement. Trump decided in June 2017 to leave the Climate Agreement. This was only possible from November 2019 and subject to a transition period of one year. As of November 4, 2020 – presidential election day – the US was no longer part of the global coalition against global warming.

Biden also withdrew the permit to build the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline between Canada and the US.

On Wednesday, Biden also immediately put an end to the entry ban from various predominantly Muslim countries, which had been introduced under Trump. As a result, residents from different countries could no longer travel to the US. It was one of the first decrees Trump signed in 2017 that sparked massive protests. Biden also ended the state of emergency at the Mexican border. It had been declared to make budget available for the controversial border wall.

President Biden also ruled on Wednesday that a face mask will be mandatory in all federal government buildings and on federal land. Already during the election campaign, Biden promised stricter measures to tackle the corona virus.


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