Biden pledges to take ‘targeted action’ after Russian cyber attack | NOW

Immediately after his inauguration on January 20, future US President Joe Biden will order the damage caused by a major Russian cyber attack to be investigated. He said this during a press conference on Tuesday.

“The cyber attack on the United States by Russia, which poses a great threat to the country’s national security, will not go unanswered. My government will take targeted action to counter the attack,” said Biden.

Biden says he holds current US President Donald Trump partly responsible for the attack. “This attack happened under his direction, but he wasn’t paying attention. That’s what you get when you neglect defenses against cyber attacks,” said Biden.

Last week, it was revealed that hackers have been able to penetrate the computer systems of multiple US departments and other government agencies. According to Biden, no evidence has yet been provided that the cyber attack is now under control.

Kremlin calls allegations ‘unfounded’

It is said to be a group of hackers who work for the Russian government. The group, known as APT29 and Cozy Bear, is also blamed for a recent attack on US cybersecurity company FireEye.

Russia’s State Department has said allegations by US media are “unfounded”.


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