Biden moves into White House, Washington inauguration is quiet | NOW

After a presidential parade, US President Joe Biden has arrived almost without an audience through the streets of Washington at his official residence and office, the White House. Earlier in the day, his predecessor Donald Trump left for Florida.

Biden reportedly doesn’t give herself much time to relax. He wants to get started right away with reducing the corona pandemic and with a comprehensive support package for American companies and households.

He will also immediately reverse or stop a number of policies of his predecessor, including the construction of the wall with Mexico and the decision to leave the Paris climate agreement.

Trump made room for Biden early in the day. He first left for an air base outside Washington and then took off for his final flight on the Air Force One presidential plane to his home in Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Apart from a farewell speech before the former president boarded the plane, he did not hear from him all day.

Inauguration proceeds quietly under the supervision of a large force

There were hardly any reports of disturbances from the United States on Wednesday. The security precautions leading up to and during the ceremony at the Capitol were draconian. The activities after the inauguration are still ongoing.

Here and there were groups in Washington to be seen, in some cases a few who showed themselves in favor of Trump. The Supreme Court was searched for a bomb threat, but the situation quickly returned to normal.

The FBI and other agencies had previously warned that there were plans for violent or non-violent actions surrounding the transfer of power. Also on social media, Trump supporters appeared to be ready to use violence again after the storming of the Washington parliament building on Jan. 6.

The National Guard has a massive presence in the capital and the police and security services are also vigilant in other cities.


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