Biden Announces $ 1.9 Trillion Corona Support Package | NOW

US President elect Joe Biden announced a large corona support package of more than 1.9 trillion dollars (1560 billion euros) on the night from Thursday to Friday. The package is intended to boost the United States’ economy and combat the corona pandemic, Biden reported during a speech in the US state of Delaware.

The vast majority of the aid package is directly intended for the residents (1 trillion dollars). That money will be used to increase corona benefits by about $ 1,400 to $ 2,000 (Americans are now getting $ 600). Biden also wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $ 15.

In addition, part will go to supporting small businesses and local governments that have been hit hard by the consequences of the pandemic. US $ 415 billion (€ 341 billion) is also being allocated for direct control of the coronavirus, such as for the distribution of vaccines and extensive testing programs.

Biden wants the bailout package to be approved by Congress as soon as possible after his inauguration. There, as of the end of this month, the Democrats have a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is therefore expected that the approval will come.

This support package is only the beginning according to the team around Biden. He plans to come up with additional support packages in the coming weeks.

The corona pandemic has cost millions of jobs in the US. According to the president-to-be, far-reaching and large aid packages are needed to deal with long-term economic setbacks. Two other bailout packages were previously approved under Trump.

In the United States, 388,000 people have already died from the effects of the virus, more than 23.2 million people have been infected.


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