Berlusconi admitted to hospital with heart problems | NOW

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been hospitalized again, this time for heart problems. 84-year-old Berlusconi was in hospital for more than a week in September due to a corona infection.

Berlusconi is being treated in a hospital in Monaco this time, the Italian news agency reports ANSA Thursday. The politician lives temporarily in the South of France and his doctor in Milan thought it better not to come back to Italy.

His heart valve replaced in 2016 causes cardiac arrhythmias, says Berlusconi’s doctor Alberto Zangrillo. The doctor had already traveled to the south of France on Monday due to the deteriorating condition of Berlusconi, who temporarily lives in Valbonne near Nice.

The entrepreneur, who became a billionaire as a media mogul, served as prime minister three times between 1994 and 2011 on behalf of his center-right party Forza Italia.

Berlusconi underwent heart surgery more than four years ago and his health has been very fragile ever since. After the corona crisis broke out in Italy in February, he no longer showed himself in public. He spent the first two months of the lockdown in a villa belonging to one of his daughters in the South of France.

Last summer, Berlusconi in Sardinia was allegedly infected with the corona virus by one of his children. His partner Marta Fascina was also infected. After he was released from the hospital, he said he feared for his life.


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