Belgium in partial lockdown, one ‘hug contact’ per family | NOW

Belgium announced a new partial lockdown on Friday evening, which will take effect on Sunday at midnight. Then non-medical contact professions, such as hairdressers, have to stop their work, Belgians are no longer allowed to visit friends and family and all non-essential shops close for one month.

Belgians are allowed to have one more so-called ‘cuddle contact’, which they can invite at home, writes VRT News. A grouping ban of four people applies outside the home, but the Belgian government asks residents to only leave the house for compelling reasons, such as shopping. Working from home will be mandatory, unless there is no other option.

In addition, the southern neighbors are extending the autumn holidays, so that schools remain closed until November 15, while zoos also have to close their doors, writes The last news. A maximum of fifteen people may still be present at funerals.

There is already a curfew in Belgium, so residents are not allowed to be outside between midnight and 5:00 am. According to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, for the time being it is all about solidarity in Belgium. “The coming period will be very difficult, but we will only overcome this virus if we show solidarity with healthcare.”

The prime minister urged his residents that this is the last chance for Belgium. “These are the measures, fate is in your hands”, quotes VRT News. Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke added that “now is the time to keep your distance so that we can be together again later”.

Belgium is in lockdown, following Germany and France

Earlier this week, Germany and France, among others, announced a (partial) lockdown. In Belgium, the number of infections increased by almost 40 percent in one week. More than fifteen thousand positive tests were reported on a daily basis between 20 and 26 October. In total, Belgium has almost 400,000 infections.

Minister of Health Yves Van Laethem said that there was no break in the trend of the corona figures yet. Stricter measures were therefore in the offing, Belgian media reported earlier.


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