Belgian GPs call on: ‘Don’t let Formula 1 race at Spa-Francorchamps continue’

With infections continuing to rise, it is ‘not the time to relax further’. That’s what the general practitioner says Domus Medica. “The numbers are not going in the right direction. First we saw an increase that may have been due to more testing. But you can’t say that anymore,” spokesperson Roel van Giel told The newspapaer. “We also asked the general practitioners around and they see more infections and also more sick people. You can also see that in the positivity ratio that continues to rise.”

To prevent the situation from getting out of hand, the general practitioners ask not to implement the announced relaxation. „Specifically, we mean the mass events such as Pukkelpop or Spa-Francorchamps. We didn’t think that was a good idea then and it still isn’t. With the rising numbers you can’t let that continue. People don’t even ask for that.”

Virus makes a big jump

Not even if the vaccination campaign is a month further by then? “We know that the vaccination works, but only two weeks after the second shot. We’re not there yet. So you should always look at the figures from two weeks ago,” says Van Giel. “Then we are only at a third of the population. Introducing new measures and reversing relaxations in a few weeks is much more difficult than pushing the pause button now. People are not going to accept new measures or get a mental breakdown.”

The current measures must also be better enforced, it sounds. They point to the Belgian catering industry, where the distance rules are often loosely handled. GPs fear that hospital admissions will rise again if no action is taken now. “The virus still makes too many jumps, a large part has not yet been vaccinated. We can’t afford to make mistakes now.”

Source: The newspapaer

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