Ban on flights from UK, South Africa and South America from 23 January | NOW

Air traffic from the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America is no longer allowed in the Netherlands from Saturday. The ban on flights from those areas will take effect on January 23 and will apply until the cabinet can introduce a mandatory quarantine for travelers. Minister De Jonge writes this in a letter to the Lower House.

In the UK, South Africa and South America, variants of the coronavirus have been discovered in recent months that are said to be more contagious than the ‘old’ coronavirus. With a flight ban, the cabinet wants to prevent the further spread of these corona mutations in the Netherlands.

The government is also likely to restrict rail and ferry travel from the United Kingdom.

Last month, a brief flight ban for travelers from the UK and South Africa already applied. At the time, the cabinet made an exception for medical personnel if the arrival was in the interest of public health in the Netherlands. The flight ban also did not apply to cargo transport. It is still unknown whether these exceptions will apply again.

Travel restrictions part of new package of corona measures

The announced travel restrictions are part of a new series of corona measures that Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to restrictions on travel movements, the government wants to introduce a curfew, the number of guests at funerals will be halved and it is urgent advice not to receive two guests every day, but a maximum of one guest.


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