Audience in room Oscars does not have to wear a mouth mask during recordings | NOW

Attendees do not have to wear face masks when the cameras are running next Sunday at the Oscars ceremony. The visitors were asked to cover their mouth and nose during the breaks for the commercials, in which they have more freedom of movement. Variety.

The ceremony follows the rules that currently apply to all film and television recordings in the American city of Los Angeles.

Union Station in that city, where most of the Academy Awards are presented, can accommodate up to 170 people at the same time. Because that group consists largely of the crew, other guests are regularly escorted in and out of the train terminal.

All attendees must have their temperature checked before entry and have undergone a minimum of three corona tests in the days leading up to the ceremony.

For the nominated filmmakers and actors, a small version of the normally enormous red carpet is being rolled out. Only a small part of the domestic and foreign press has been invited for this. Reporters must keep a distance of 2 meters from the nominees they are interviewing.

Director Steven Soderbergh, one of the show’s producers this year, announced in a press conference last weekend that mouth masks will be an important part of the “story” that will be central to the award ceremony. “If that sounds rather cryptic, that’s the point,” he said.

The Dolby Theater is the other location where some of the broadcast takes place. It is not yet known exactly what function the theater will have in the ceremony.


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