AstraZeneca vaccine appears to protect 70 percent of people | NOW

The corona vaccine that AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford are developing appears to protect against COVID-19 in 70 percent of cases, the pharmaceutical company reports Monday.

What is striking about the research results is that the vaccine is more effective if test subjects first receive half a dose and then a full dose. In this group the vaccine appears to be no less than 90 percent effective. It is still unclear why this method of vaccination appears to be more effective. This is being investigated further.

Twenty thousand volunteers were involved in the study of the vaccine. Half was in the UK and the other half in Brazil. Thirty non-serious cases of COVID-19 have been identified in people who received two full doses of the vaccine. 101 cases were identified in the control group, who received a placebo.

The WHO health organization sees the vaccine that AstraZeneca is developing as the most promising corona vaccine. The European Commission has already signed a deal with the company and hopes to receive 300 million doses if the vaccine is approved.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge wrote in a letter to the Lower House on Friday that the vaccines from AstraZeneca and Pfizer will probably be available the fastest. Earlier this month, AstraZeneca expressed the hope of distributing the first vaccines in early 2021.

In recent weeks, the vaccines from pharmaceuticals Pfizer and Moderna have been found to protect 90 percent against COVID-19.


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