AstraZeneca delivers 60 percent fewer vaccines to EU in first quarter | NOW

AstraZeneca will deliver fewer vaccines than expected in the first quarter. This is because a European production location (temporarily) cannot make as many vaccines as planned, the pharmaceutical company reports to on Friday after reporting by Bild.

A senior official within the European Union reports anonymously to the news agency Reuters that AstraZeneca will deliver 60 percent fewer vaccines than planned in the first quarter, ie only 31 million doses.

In the second quarter, the pharmaceutical company is expected to deliver more than 80 million doses, but AstraZeneca could not comment on Friday whether that number will still be reached.

Despite the setback, AstraZeneca announced its intention to supply tens of millions of doses to the European Union in February and March, “while continuing to increase production volumes”.

AstraZeneca made an official application last week to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to approve the vaccine. The AstraZeneca vaccine, when approved, would be the third COVID-19 vaccine considered safe by EMA.

EMA hopes to reach a judgment (approval or no approval) next Friday. The Netherlands has an option for nearly twelve million doses, good for vaccinating nearly six million Dutch people. Together, the 27 European member states have an option for about four hundred million vaccines.


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