Army deployed and 600 arrests in Tunisia after riots | NOW

According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior of Tunisia, 632 people have been arrested after riots broke out in the North African country for the third consecutive night. In addition, the army has been deployed in various places in the country, a defense spokesman confirms on Monday.

Most of the detainees were young people. They are said to have set fire to car tires and garbage containers. Stones were also said to have been thrown at the police forces. According to the Interior, at least two police officers were injured. It is not known whether any of the protesters were injured.

It was restless in several places in Tunisia. The immediate cause for the protests is unclear, but there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the population about the poorly functioning economy. About a third of young people are unemployed. The tourism industry, already under pressure from bloody terror attacks in 2015, has been hit again by the pandemic.

The security forces have been deployed in places such as Kasserine, Siliana, Bizertre and Sousse, a well-known seaside resort on the Mediterranean.


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