André Dongelmans directs first short film | NOW

André Dongelmans will soon make his directorial debut. The actor, who became known for his role in the hit series The Lice Mother, goes the short film The dancing man to make.

The production is part of De Ontmoeting, a financing process that offers new makers the opportunity to make their first film. A total of nine directors have been selected. Among the other new makers is also actress Ayla Satijn, known from the series Anne +.

De Ontmoeting was established in 2015 and is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Cultural Fund for Audiovisual Producers. After the disappearance of the successful NTR project KORT !, it is still one of the few projects for young makers to be able to make a film with a guaranteed platform.

The productions of De Ontmoeting 2021 will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. “The record number of entries confirms the great need of makers for our trajectory,” says project leader Sacha Gertsik. In total, nearly a hundred new makers registered.


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