Almost twice as many people are now afraid of corona than months ago | NOW

As the number of infections rises, people are increasingly concerned about the risk of contracting the corona virus. One in five people thinks they will probably be infected in the near future, according to the behavioral research by the RIVM and the GGDs. That is almost twice as many as a month ago.

In the seventh round of the survey, half of the respondents say they are concerned. Three in ten people feel helpless, scared and stressed. According to the RIVM, this is comparable to the feeling among the Dutch in April, during the first corona wave.

The survey was conducted among nearly 48,000 people in early October. They gave their answers after the measures announced on September 29 and before the tougher rules earlier this week.

More than nine in ten people support guidelines such as keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and avoiding crowded places. The support base is greater than before, according to the RIVM. Nevertheless, confidence in the government’s approach is declining. Slightly more than half think that the government explains decisions properly; a few months ago this was almost 80 percent.

Many people still don’t adhere to home quarantine

Many people find it important to stay at home when they have health problems, but it appears to be difficult to live up to the word. Only 29 percent of the people with COVID-19-like complaints stayed at home, the RIVM observes.

The behavioral research also shows that a large proportion of the respondents do not follow the home quarantine rules: only six in ten people surveyed say they stay at home when the corona virus is diagnosed with a housemate.

According to RIVM, arranging practical things is a frequently cited reason for leaving home: the respondents say they leave home if they have to go shopping, but also when they cannot work at home or because they think it is not risky. is.


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