Albert Verlinde dreams of making a Dutch detective | NOW

Baantjer according to Albert Verlinde is an excellent example of a Dutch detective, but according to him police series set the tone. That is why the former theater producer dreams of one day making a Dutch detective again. He says that in the VARAguide.

Verlinde likes to watch documentaries and biographies. But if he has to name a series, that’s the detective Vera.

“Great clever format; the makers take an acclaimed actor, someone everyone likes, Brenda Blethyn in the case of Vera, and that character then becomes the benchmark of that series. I still dream of making a Dutch detective, I don’t understand that we don’t have one. “

In addition to detectives, Verlinde also likes to watch series such as via streaming service Netflix The Restaurant and Bridgerton. “The fact that it shows black actors in roles that are normally assigned to white actors is a credit to the musical. Hamilton, currently on display in New York, is the first to be seen at all color blind was cast. I am a huge supporter of that. It’s about people, it’s about character. If you approach it that way, any role can be played by a black actor. “


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