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Akwasi ran away angry at the end of December during an interview with the Radio 1 program This is the Day. The rapper also took laptops from the crew and forced presenter Hans van der Steeg to delete recordings with him. Radio 1 tells this on their website on Friday after they broadcast the interview in question.

The radio program, which was recorded on December 28, looked back on the past year. “2020 was the year of corona, but also of Black Lives Matter (BLM). To this end, we invited Akwasi. We wanted to look back with him on the past year. The BLM demonstration on Dam Square was an important event in this.”

Akwasi agreed to cooperate. An agreement was made not to talk too long about the much-discussed statements of the rapper, which he made during the BLM demonstration on June 1, 2020 on Dam Square. “We agreed to this condition,” said a spokesman for the NPO.

‘At that moment Akwasi pulls all the plugs out of the technician’s laptop’

After a few questions about the speech on the Dam, Akwasi asked Van der Steeg if “this is the direction he wants to go”. According to Radio 1’s explanation, he demanded that all recordings be removed. The rapper told the presenter that he “otherwise has a problem”. “Akwasi then pulled all the plugs out of the technician’s laptop, closed it and took the laptop under his arm. This stopped the recording. Then he also took Hans’s laptop and left the basement,” Radio 1 said. .

Van der Steeg says he walked right after the rapper to tell him that the laptops are not his. “Akwasi indicated that he needed to cool down.”

Not much later, Van der Steeg got the rapper’s PR man on the phone, who according to NPO found it terrible and wanted to solve the problem. Van der Steeg said that he wanted that too and did not want to broadcast it this way. “Let him come back, we will stop across Dam Square and we will finish the conversation”. Akwasi returned half an hour later and gave the editor two options. “Either you delete the conversation from your laptop in front of me, or I format both laptops.”

Removed under pressure

Under pressure from the rapper, Van der Steeg eventually erased the recording, he says. “To get the laptops back in that way, knowing that there is a backup on another device.”

The journalist says that he would normally never forcibly erase journalistic material. “Why now? Because I wanted to save the situation and I knew there was still a backup, that’s why I gave in. As a journalist you try to stay on speaking terms until the last moment. You want to do justice to the story. I could also have called the police right away, but then there would have been no interview anyway, “said Van der Steeg.

‘Long doubted about broadcasting the interview’

Editor-in-chief Jan Pieter Kol indicates that there were long doubts about whether the interview would be broadcast. ‚ÄúThere are many aspects to this case that prevented us from taking the plunge. But the fact that a public figure has put pressure on our journalists by taking things with them and then forcing them to remove material is our core reason been to broadcast anyway. “

The channel indicates that he has had a lot of contact with Akwasi’s team to give him the opportunity to finish the interview and to give him the opportunity to explain what happened. The rapper did not want to use this. He did apologize.

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