After symbolic first injection in December, Belgium is now really starting to vaccinate | NOW

Belgium will officially start the large-scale vaccination campaign against COVID-19 on Wednesday. The first people have already been vaccinated, but that only concerns a small group.

Last Monday, shortly after the first approved vaccines from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech were released, 96-year-old Jos Hermans was symbolically the first Belgian to be vaccinated in Brussels, but the national vaccination campaign will only start on Wednesday.

However, the authorities in Brussels are not waiting for the official kick-off and have already started vaccinating on Tuesday. Up to and including Friday, 3,960 residents in 53 of the 138 residential care centers will receive a first dose. All residents must be vaccinated this month.

Between Wednesday and Sunday, 6,610 residents and staff members in 42 residential care centers in Flanders will receive the first dose of the vaccine, reports the Vaccination Task Force. Wallonia wants to vaccinate 11,500 people this week.

Belgium is receiving 87,500 doses every week this month. That number will be increased to 100,000 per week in February. Each person needs two doses of the vaccine for optimal protection. The second injection is done a maximum of 42 days later.


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