After a heavy snowstorm, Spain is preparing for a severe cold | NOW

The consequences of the “worst storm of the last 50 years” in Spain, according to the authorities, will persist until the middle of this month, a spokesman for the Spanish meteorological institute AEMET said. El País. In the coming week, the country has to take into account cold temperatures, which can also snow again.

On Monday, a new cold front reaches the country, with temperatures dropping to 10 degrees below freezing at night. During the day, the mercury will barely rise above freezing, warns AEMET.

With that cold weather ahead, the Spaniards still have to reckon with nuisance for days due to the heavy snowfall that storm Filomena brought with it.

Last week, the snowstorm caused major nuisance on a national scale and killed four people. Numerous motorists were stranded on roads after their cars were snowed in. The army had to get involved to free the motorists from their predicament.

Parts of the country were covered by a layer of snow several tens of centimeters thick. Madrid was covered with snow of 25 to 30 centimeters, in more remote areas the snow reached a height of 50 centimeters.


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