Adopting pets in the corona era remains popular | NOW

Adopting pets has remained popular since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Dogs and cats in particular are quickly finding new owners these days. “The shelters are now pretty empty,” says the Animal Protection.

Carmen Silos of the Animal Protection, to which 28 animal shelters are affiliated, says that a placement now takes two to three weeks. Previously there was a lead time of six weeks or longer. Due to the quick matches, the current supply of the affiliated shelters is currently four to five times smaller than normal.

Not only animal shelters notice that the demand for adopted animals has been much higher since the spring. Today, about 750 matches per month are made via Verhuis, a “kind of dating site” for people looking for a new owner for their pet. Before the corona pandemic there were 450.

A new potential owner is found for many animals within one day, says founder Femke Pasquino-de Harde. Especially easy to care for animals are gone “very quickly”. The shelters also notice this. According to Silos, there are mainly animals with “a backpack”, such as cats that need a lot of outdoor space or are unable to interact with children.

At the same time, the total supply of animals has decreased slightly, because fewer owners give up their pets for adoption. This may be because the corona measures mean they have more time and are home more often, say Silos and Pasquino-de Harde.

Asiels have a stricter adoption policy

De Dierenbescherming and are trying to prevent a pet from being brought into the home as an impulse purchase during the corona pandemic. The animal shelters, which are currently closed due to the corona measures, even have a stricter adoption policy. Interested parties must complete an extensive questionnaire. is all about good matches, says Pasquino-de Harde. For example, seekers can only respond to animals after a one-time contribution and ultimately the owner of the pet chooses the new owner himself. “In this way we create a barrier to prevent impulse purchase.” The number of registered seekers has increased by more than 50 percent in the past six months.

The Animal Protection Agency emphasizes that a pet is more than feeding and petting. “We do as much selection as possible”, says Silos. “They do not end up with people who have not thought about it properly or who did not have the cost picture in mind.”


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