Actor Robert de Hoog thinks swearing with ‘cancer’ is part of his work | NOW

Robert De Hoog does not like to swear with the word ‘cancer’. The Mocro Mafiaactor, however, does not want to be hypocritical by promising never to use the disease as a swear word in his work again, he says during a Clubhouse questions session together with Andy van der Meijde.

“I find it different in a series than when you say it in the supermarket”, says De Hoog about the word ‘cancer’. “We choose the word carefully, it is thought about.”

In Mocro Mafia, a series about a war in the Amsterdam underworld, according to De Hoog, the actors should use the word ‘cancer’ because it is realistic. “Unfortunately, it is still the word that is most often used on the street when you talk about swearing,” the actor believes.

De Hoog understands that most people do not use the word in the sense that they wish someone else the disease. However, people should be aware of the actor that it is also a disease that, according to him, affects one in three people in the Netherlands.


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