Acting is a paid hobby for Anthony Hopkins | NOW

Anthony Hopkins says he has been making money with his hobby for years. The 83-year-old actor does not see acting as work and therefore makes “not such a fuss” compared to some of his fans and budding actors.

“I grab a cup of tea or coffee and say ‘good morning’ when I get to the set. Some people make a big deal out of it, but I can’t,” says the Oscar winner to the British tabloid The Sun. “I have my own life and acting is a hobby. A paid hobby, but I enjoy it.”

Hopkins is in the running for an Academy Award again on Sunday, this time for his role as Anthony’s aging dad in The Father. The actor already has the necessary awards and successful films to his name, but that has not gone to his head. He tries to point out to people that fame is not everything.

“I meet a lot of young people who want to act and become famous, and then I tell them that when they are at the top, there is nothing after that,” said the Brit, who therefore has good advice for young actors. “Most of this business is nonsense, most of it is a lie. Accept life as it is and just be thankful that you are there.”


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