A first for Max Verstappen in Russia

Lewis Hamilton, who started from pole position, was unable to match Michael Schumacher’s record number of GP victories (91) due to a time penalty. He did not get further than third place. On October 11, the six-time world champion will have the opportunity to place himself next to the German racing legend in Germany. Then the GP of the Eifel will be held at the Nürburgring.

Even before the start of the race, there was commotion around Hamilton. The leader in the classification made two test starts outside the designated positions. During the race, it turned out that he received a time penalty of two times five, so ten seconds for this offense. “What rulebook does that say?” The Briton wondered, irritated. At his pit stop on the seventeenth lap, Hamilton suffered the penalty, which eventually forced him to resume the race as number 11.

Verstappen constantly

Verstappen, in turn, drove a solid race in Sochi. After Hamilton’s relapse, the Limburger’s second place was never in danger. The second place is both a first and a boost for Verstappen, who each time dropped out prematurely due to bad luck in the last two races at Monza and Mugello. The Dutchman achieved a podium place in Sochi for the first time in his career.

Hamilton leads at the start, but will not win the race due to a time penalty.

Hamilton leads at the start, but will not win the race due to a time penalty.

The start of Verstappen on Sunday at the circuit on the Black Sea was not an ideal. Bottas immediately passed the Dutchman. Due to an evasive maneuver, Verstappen had to let former teammate Daniel Ricciardo take the lead, but he quickly regained third place. Then immediately came the safety car on the road. In the same maneuver as Verstappen, Carlos Sainz hit a wall. His race was immediately over. Lance Stroll also got no further than one lap. The Racing Point driver ended up in a wall: end of race.

After his relapse, Hamilton naturally started to catch up in the 36 laps that followed. The 35-year-old driver overtook eight drivers with his super-fast car, but he never came close to Verstappen and his teammate Bottas. Hamilton still leads well in the battle for the World Cup. The star of the field is leaving Bottas and Verstappen far behind for the time being.

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