’66 corona fines handed out during recordings clip Famke Louise ‘| NOW

The 66 fines that were handed out in Lijnden in Noord-Holland on Thursday evening for violating the corona rules, would be intended for people who were present there to record a clip of Famke Louise and Blacka. That reports AD based on Instagram stories from the two artists.

According to the enforcers, those present violated the corona rules and received a fine for this. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee supported the police.

From Instagram stories of drillrapper Blacka, who was involved in the fatal stabbing incident in Scheveningen in the autumn, it appears that the police were present at the clip recordings. Blacka can also be seen in an Instagram story by Famke Louise.

The Noord-Holland police cannot confirm in response to NU.nl that it concerns Famke Louise. NU.nl is still awaiting a response from the artist.

The singer caused a stir in the autumn when she joined the movement #ikdoenietmeermee. Several well-known Dutch people spread this hashtag because they did not agree with the corona measures. Famke Louise came back from her opinion after a conversation with IC specialist Diederik Gommers.


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