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Public transport shut down in Shijiazhuang, China
Public transport in the Chinese city of Shijiazhuang, a provincial capital near Beijing, has been shut down in an effort to prevent new corona infections. Hebei province is taking various drastic measures due to a new contamination cluster.

Initially only the metros stopped running, but the measure now applies to all public transport. Taxi drivers are also no longer allowed to transport passengers. No one has been allowed to leave Shijiazhuang since Tuesday. The inhabitants have to stay at home for at least seven days.

Hebei authorities say all 11 million residents of Shijiazhuang and the nearby city of Xintai have been tested for the corona virus. They hope to find the source of the new infections.

The Chinese Health Commission reported 33 new corona cases yesterday, slightly less than the 53 recorded the day before. Of the seventeen local infections, fourteen had been diagnosed in Hebei. In addition, 38 asymptomatic cases – 11 fewer than the day before – were reported, but they are not classified as confirmed corona infections.


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