2,500 people attend illegal parties in France, turn against police | NOW

Almost 2,500 people attended an illegal party in the French region of Brittany on New Year’s Eve. The visitors turned against the police when she tried to stop the party. The partygoers threw rocks and bottles and set fire to a police car. Three officers were injured.

The festival was organized in Lieuron, south of Rennes in the Brittany region. Local agents tried to stop the party but said they “faced fierce hostility from many partygoers.”

The police failed to stop the party, so people were still partying on Friday morning.

Large gatherings are currently banned in France as part of the corona measures. There is also a curfew from 8 p.m. Authorities fear the party will lead to an outbreak of contamination.

People had traveled from all over France for the party. Partygoers from abroad were also present. The event was organized in an empty warehouse. Prosecutors have investigated the party.

In the southern French city of Marseille, the police put an end to an illegal party with about 300 visitors. More than 150 people have been warned and the three suspected organizers have been arrested. At this party, too, the atmosphere turned grim and visitors turned against the police. At the turn of the year, 132,000 police officers were on the move throughout France.


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