22 GGDs start vaccinating healthcare workers earlier | NOW

22 GGDs are starting to vaccinate healthcare workers earlier than expected. From January 15, vaccinations are possible throughout the Netherlands, where the original date was January 18. The start date of 8 January for the first three regions (Veghel, Rotterdam and Houten) will remain unchanged, the umbrella organization GGD GHOR reports on Sunday.

“From the beginning, our starting point was: start carefully as soon as possible. Everyone worked very hard during the holidays and fortunately we can now bring forward responsibly”, says AndrĂ© Rouvoet, chairman of GGD GHOR.

On January 8, vaccinations will start in Veghel, Rotterdam and Houten. The start date in Amsterdam, Drenthe and Haaglanden has been brought forward by one week to 11 January. From January 15, it will be the turn of all GGDs. The vaccinations will be done by the 25 GGDs from 25 central locations. The first corona vaccine will be given in Veghel.

The GGD GHOR expects that from Monday 4 January there will be a lot of interest among care providers of nursing and care institutions to make an appointment for a vaccination. During the day extra staff is deployed to cope with this rush.

Group of care providers expanded with priority

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health (VWS) already reported that about 30,000 employees of acute care will receive the corona vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech in the short term.

Initially, the first vaccines were only for care workers at nursing homes, care for the disabled, community nursing and Wmo support. On Saturday this group was expanded to include nurses and doctors in intensive care, emergency care, COVID wards and ambulance staff. The general practitioners were added to this on Sunday, the National General Practitioners Association (LHV) confirmed after consultation with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.


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