17 more suspects questioned after riots counter demonstration KOZP in Maastricht | NOW

The police questioned seventeen more suspects after the riots surrounding a demonstration of Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) that took place in Maastricht last November. The suspects have been recognized on camera images in recent weeks, the police reported Thursday.

A total of thirty suspects are said to have committed criminal offenses, including five minors. Most of them are suspected of minor offenses, such as wantonness and throwing cans and eggs.

Four people are suspected of more serious crimes, such as open violence and throwing heavy fireworks at the police. As a result, two employees of the Mobile Unit (ME) were so badly injured that they still cannot work. Three of these four suspects have since been arrested.

The riots started last month when a small group of KOZP demonstrators in the city center of Maastricht were attacked and attacked by hundreds of counter-protesters. The riot police and mounted police had to conduct charges to separate the two groups.

The police are still investigating the role of the thirteen suspects who have not yet been arrested and are not ruling out more arrests. Five suspects were already arrested on the day of the protest.


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