15 years in prison for French surgeon who may have abused more than 300 children | NOW

A 70-year-old French ex-surgeon was sentenced by a judge on Thursday to 15 years in prison for raping and assaulting four minors and the possession of child pornography. The man is also suspected of abusing more than 300 children in the past thirty years, writes Le Parisien. Those cases are still ongoing. It is one of the biggest pedophilia scandals in French history.

Among the victims the man was convicted for on Thursday were two of his nieces, a girl next door and one of his patients when he was only four years old.

Joël Le S. confessed in court in the western French city of Saintes that he had abused and raped the children. In addition to imprisonment, he must also undergo treatment. Since the beginning of his trial, more and more details about the extent of his child abuse have come to light.

Initially, the man was thought to have abused at least 250 children. That number has now risen to 312. The abuse is said to have taken place between 1989 and 2017, including when he was working as a surgeon. He abused both boys and girls. The mean age of his victims was eleven years old.

There is a second trial against the man, but the date is not yet known. About thirty abuse cases could no longer be brought due to prescription. Given Le S.’s advanced age, it is likely that he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Girl next door betrayed husband’s actions

The man ran into the lamp when his six-year-old girl next door told her mother in 2017 that the neighbor (Le S.) had shown his genitalia. Her parents then went to the police.

Shortly afterwards, during a house search at Le S., researchers came across more than three hundred thousand images of child pornography. They also found diaries in which he had written the names of his victims, including details of the abuse. Le S. stated in court that his diaries consisted in part of fantasies.

According to prosecutors, the man used his position as a surgeon to abuse the victims when they were alone with him. He also hoped that the victims were too young to remember the actions.

In 2005, Le S. was also sentenced to four months in prison for the possession of child pornography.


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